Excerpts in English and German here:

Lost in the Fog is a bestselling Nordic detective story from the Czech ace of crime fiction. Ann-Solveig lives in a remote Norwegian village, far beyond the Arctic Circle, with a man she fears. Instead of leaving him, she jumps from a cliff into the sea.

This novel takes place on remote small island Schiermonnikoog in northern Netherlands. A young woman was found dead in sand dunes and after eleven years the circumstances of her death remain a mystery. The reporter Johan Rutten comes to Schiermonnikoog to make a TV report about unsolved murder, but he was stabbed to death while walking in deserted dunes…

After the breakup with her boyfriend, the designer Nela stays alone in the old mill they initially wanted to reconstruct. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman who was applying for a job at the local thoroughbred horse racing stables is found in a nearby forest… Has a serial killer from the capital moved to town? Among other things, this crime novel offers readers a behind-the-scenes view of the racing world.

Anna is high-flying woman who controlls team of screenwriters preparing very popular TV serie. But now her doughter is missing and unknown blackmailer threatens to expose her secrets… What do her two childhood friends have to do with this?