Michaela Klevisová

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The writer and journalist Michaela Klevisová (1976) studied journalism at Charles University in Prague, where she lives.

Her first crime novel Steps of the Murderer (Kroky vraha, 2007) takes place in an architecturally significant villa district Baba in Prague and invites readers to probe mysteries of art and antique market. Steps of the Murderer won annual Jiří Marek‘s Award, granted by Czech branch of AIEP for the best detective novel of the previous year.

Detective Josef Bergman who figured in that book makes a welcome return in the second succesful crime novel The Thief of Stories (Zlodějka příběhů, 2009). The main character Anna is high-flying woman who controlls team of screenwriters preparing very popular TV serie.

In November 2012 Michaela Klevisová became a second time prize-winner of the prestigious Jiří Marek Award for Best Czech Detective novel for The Solitude House (Dům na samotě), released by Motto Publishing. The plot: After Nela breaks up with her boyfriend, the designer stays alone in the old mill she initially wanted to reconstruct with him. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman who was applying for a job at the local stables is found in a nearby forest… Has a serial killer from the capital moved to town?

The first non-crime book Waiting for the Cat (Čekání na kocoura) for cat lovers was released in 2012 and attracted great interest (it has been two reprints already). The second book of stories for catty people, Cat from Montmartre (Kocour z Montmartru) followed in 2013, the third, Happiness is for Free, was released in 2016.

The fourth crime novel with inspector Bergman The Grey Monk Island takes place on island Schiermonnikoog in northern Netherlands. It was published in June 2015. Review: “She is not interested in the bloodied slaughter that some authors from abroad unfurl on the pages of their books. She is interested in the reactions of people who find themselves in the immediate vicinity of an evil crime and are linked with it in one way or another; she is interested in the mysteries of the human soul. This is exactly how she was able to distinguish herself from the company of other Czech crime authors several years ago, with her debut novel Steps of the Murderer. It is no wonder that she received the prestigious Jiří Marek award—awarded by the Czech division of the International Association of Crime Writers (IACW/AIEP) for the best detective novel of the year—for her very first book.” – Ivan Matějka, Literární noviny

The fifth crime novel Lost in the Fog (2017) is set in the Finnmark, the northernmost county in Norway.

A Snow Moon, the sixth novel in Klevisova‘s crime series with charismatic Josef Bergman, takes place in Moravian National Nature Reserve Beskydy and touching the topic of illegal hunting of protected wild animals.